Everyday Mindfulness

Everyday Mindfulness

What is everyday mindfulness?

Welcome to By The Bodhi Tree, a blog about everyday mindfulness. This blog is my path towards applying the mindset cultivated during mindfulness meditation practice to my daily life. Admittedly, it’s a path that’s already been full of twists and turns.

I originally created this as a platform to express opinions about the headlines of the day in a civilized manner. But life moves pretty fast. No sooner did I form an opinion than my attention was drawn to the next incident or outrage. It felt like I was screaming into a void, which has no value for the writer or the reader.

By The Bodhi Tree then evolved into a blog to inspire and motivate with productivity, fitness and lifestyle tips. But there were two issues with that path.

First, gentlemen like Tim Ferriss, Lewis HowesTony Robbins and others already corner the market on such brilliant advice. Most of what I wrote felt like pale imitations of things I heard on podcasts or read in books. Worse, much of what I wrote never applied beyond stale platitudes and cliches into true practice. Once I hit publish, I failed to heed my own advice. If I don’t listen to myself, why should anyone else?

So, third time’s the charm? Take three? By The Bodhi Tree, reborn and focused on illustrating how to apply the principles of mindfulness to everyday life.

Applying mindfulness to daily life

I still believe that mindfulness is the key to unlocking our potential. But most mindfulness practice centers on meditation, retreats or other, dedicated forms of mindfulness training. Pauses, in other words, from everyday life. Don’t get me wrong, these are vital tools for curating a mindful mindset. The problem is, for many of us, mindfulness then becomes something we leave on the mat.

An effective mindfulness practice should motivate and support our everyday life. What we eat and how we eat it. Our tasks and to-do lists. And, of course, our interaction with each other and the world around us.

In other words, we are capable of making the choice to be mindless or mindful in everything we do. But we must sustain our focus and to remain an active participant in the moment at hand. That’s hard. But this is the very essence of “everyday mindfulness.”

For example, I’m as guilty as anyone else of escaping into my phone. I caught myself doing it just last night while trying to help my son with his homework. But how can I expect my son to focus and give his best effort if I’m unable to do so?

Therefore, my goal in writing this blog is to remind myself how to be more mindful in my everyday life. By shining a light on my habits and behaviors, both successes and failures. In doing so, maybe I can offer a path for other mindful seekers to follow.

Mindfulness as a secular practice

You do not need to be a Buddhist or religious in anyway to follow this path (I certainly am not). My own practice should help me see how I invest energy in myself, other people and the world around me. The here. The now.

However, traditional mindfulness meditation must be a part of this path. After all, how can I apply a mindset that I’m not actively curating? So while I will share my experiences on the mat, the focus of this blog will be everyday mindfulness. How mindfulness applies to my day-to-day life. And hopefully to yours.

In short, this blog is, again, my experiment. Another attempt at helping me become the person I believe, in my heart, I want to be. Someone full of energy, focus and compassion. Hopefully by sharing my experiences, you will create your own path through a more mindful approach to your own life.

Human beings are seekers, after all. But sometimes we don’t actually know what we truly seek, and that’s okay. We can start by paying attention closer attention to our mind and body and how our choices affect them. This blog is step one on that journey for me. Won’t you join me and see where we wind up?

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