I Killed It Today

I Killed It Today

I’ve recently tried a few technological and psychological ways to stay focused on accomplishing my tasks each day. After all, climbing the mountain towards a goal is really a series of steps made up of daily tasks. And I’ll never reach the summit if I keep tripping on my feet.

Yet just last weekend I found there are times when I need no such digital leash. My wife and I attacked a series of tasks around our apartment, from scrubbing down that which had not been scrubbed in too long to purging clutter to rearranging furniture in an effort to better optimize our tiny space.

The only prompt we had, really, was music, the soundtrack to our productivity movie if you will. No alarms. No task lists. No visualizing. Just tunes. If you’re curious about which tunes, jump over to my Facebook page and have a look.

That night, just before I collapsed into well earned REM, one thought crossed my mind: I killed it today. I didn’t measure my progress. I didn’t check any boxes. I didn’t need to. My brain and my body knew they had done well and the reward was just a small smile before drifting off to sleep.

Since then, as I make choices during my day, I’ve tried to keep that feeling in the back of mind. I want to make choices so that, at the end of my day, I can drift off to sleep with one thought: I killed it today.

What about you? Did you kill it today? What could you do right now so that when you fall asleep tonight, you can feel that smile cross your lips? I’d love to here your stories in the comments below.


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