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Important Stuff or Just Stuff

I don’t have the time. I say this a lot. And I am a busy guy. I spend a lot of hours writing code to help people sell stuff. I spend a lot of hours watching my children do stuff—gymnastics, science fairs, soccer, singing—and spend more time taking care of or cleaning their stuff—making breakfast, washing dishes, picking up toys etc.

In other words, there’s a lot of stuff in my life. And that takes time.

Then there’s the stuff I do—playing games, watching TV, scrolling through Facebook posts—that I do to occupy the short amounts of time between, or as a reward for doing the other stuff.

So when I think about the big dreams—acting, writing, “making good art“—it is easy to excuse myself from them because I don’t have the time.

But that’s a lie.

The Earth doesn’t rotate any faster for me than it does for you. I have the same 24 hours in day as everyone else. Steve Jobs had the same amount of time in his day. So does a grocery clerk, an accountant and an Olympic athlete. And they fill their day with stuff too. It’s just that some stuff is more important than other stuff. And it’s the balance between the Important Stuff and the other, Just Stuff, that dictates whether we are moving forward or just busy.

So I’ve decided I’m going to make two lists: one of the Important Stuff and one of Just Stuff. And then I’m going to spend my time doing the things on the first list more and the things on the second list less. I probably won’t be any less busy. But something tells me I won’t feel like I don’t have the time anymore either.

What about you? Are busy with Important Stuff? Or Just Stuff? Let me know how you prioritize in the comments below!


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