I typically steer clear of politics on this blog for a couple of reasons. First, politics are, by their nature, divisive, and divisiveness is not the purpose of this blog. Second, I want people who read my writing to feel motivated and inspired to live mindfully and become the best person they can be. Writing about what’s wrong and who to blame does not serve that purpose.

But, with the full knowledge that I could be stepping in it, so to speak, I can’t help but celebrate the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that marriage is a right afforded to all U.S. citizens under the protection of the 14th Amendment.

I celebrate because of Ahimsa, or non-harm. In Buddhism, as well as Hinduism and Jainism, to hurt another being is to hurt oneself. While I am not Buddhist, I still strongly value this as a core principle. Allowing consenting, same sex couples to marry harms no one. Further it also mitigates the harm that can be caused by the prohibition of their marriage. That alone is ample reason to support this decision.

But there’s more. I celebrate because, simply put, love is beautiful, and anything that celebrates the love between people should be embraced.

I celebrate George Harris and Jack Evans, a couple of 54 years whose love is now properly protected and honored by their country. I celebrate John Grafton and Richard Worswick, a couple of 35 years who can now enjoy the same rights and protections as heterosexual, married citizens.

We live in a difficult world. Humans beings kill over dirt and god and who knows what else. Poverty in our backyards, children going to bed hungry, woman afraid of their husbands and boyfriends… so many terrible things, so many that we do to each other.

So I will take this moment to celebrate love and I encourage all of you to do the same. Because when #LoveWins, all of us win.


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