A (Mindful) New Year’s Exercise Plan

New Year's Exercise Plan

The holidays, and all the candy, cookies and eggnog it brings, is behind us. The New Year is here, bringing with it a new, or renewed, commitment to take care of our bodies and, perhaps, hit the gym.

Unfortunately, for most of us, that commitment is short-lived. Trust me, I speak from experience. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve made New Year’s resolutions, only to fall back into my old habits by Valentine’s Day.

My own renewed commitment to improving my physical well-being actually began in the middle of 2015 with the creation of my own Mindful Exercise routine. For the most part, I’ve stuck with it and the results, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually, are clear to me and those who know me.

The most essential part of sticking to a New Year’s exercise plan is, of course, having a plan. I made a point of keeping mine quick and simple, allowing for variations and adjustments to my routine when desired. So if you’re stumped for a place to start with your own exercise plan, I invite you to download this ebook and steal liberally from it.

It is also essential to have fun with any new exercise routine and I keep a few tools at hand to help me do just that.

First, I use WorkIt, an Android app, to track my workouts and RunKeeper to track my runs. There are many such workout trackers out there, but I like these because they are incredibly easy to use. Whichever you choose, make sure it offers a workout history, because there is no greater feeling than seeing the weight, reps or distance increasing over time.

Using apps means, of course, I need to carry my smartphone with me while I exercise, so the Daswise Waterproof Exercise Runners Belt is another must-have. Again, it is simple to use and so lightweight and compact that I barely realize I’m wearing it.

Having a smartphone also allows me to dial up my own playlist of workout tunes, so perhaps the most essential tool in my exercise toolkit is my LG Electronics Tone Pro HBS-760 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset. I don’t know how many different headsets I tried before settling on this one. Because it is Bluetooth compatible, I don’t get tangled up in cords. The buds fit firmly, yet comfortably, in my ears and, as long as you don’t mind the headset bouncing a little around your neck (I got used to it), it even works well while running.

I hope you find these new year’s exercise plan essentials useful and would love to hear of your experience creating and sticking to an exercise routine in the comments. And here’s to a mindful new year!


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